Warranties and Terms

Limited lifetime warranty on repairs

Warranty includes defects in parts and workmanship. Physical damage / wear and tear as assessed by the repair technician voids the warranty. Some examples of damage are:  cracks, dents or deep scratches to screen or housing, water damage, damage to the charging port or incorrectly inserting sim or memory card into device.

30 day warranty on all devices sold

Warranty covers any defects in the product.  If the device is damaged in any way the warranty is void.  Examples of damage include but are not limited to water damage, cracks / scratches to housing or screen.

Terms and Conditions

  • We offer a limited lifetime warranty on device repairs, excluding any damage.  
  • No returns/ refunds granted on repairs, device sales or accessories. While repairs have a limited lifetime warranty, devices and accessories come with a 30 day warranty.
  • Payment is required before services are rendered.
  • For most situations we can do a free quick diagnosis of the device. While this is uncommon, a minimum bench fee of $50 is required when the device is taken apart and found to be beyond repair.  For example it’s considered beyond repair when a component on the circuit board has failed.  
  • You have 30 days to pick up your device. After 30 days we need to hear from you to make special arrangements.
  • Once a device has been damaged and/or repaired, it is no longer waterproof / water resistant.  
  • A very small percentage of devices can have issues not present before the repair from customer damage.  In this case it will require additional cost to repair the device or the device may be deemed not repairable. 

What can we fix for you?

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