What can we fix for you?

Fully functioning laptop, tablet, and smartphone

Get your device fixed by a highly qualified repair technician using the highest quality parts available for an honest cost.  With our knowledge and experience, we can troubleshoot and repair many different issues.

Screen Replacement

Is your screen cracked or malfunctioning? In most situations replacing the screen is the answer. 

Battery Replacement

Battery not holding a charge as well?  Get back to normal with a new battery.

Mic / Speaker Replacement

Sound problems? If you are unable to hear or people cannot hear you, that often means you have a mic or speaker problem. These are usually able to be replaced.

Charging Port Replacement

Having trouble getting your phone to take a charge?  We can determine most power related problems with a quick and free diagnosis.  It’s possible a professional cleaning will help, we can also replace charging ports on most devices.

Camera Replacement

Camera malfunctioning or scratched? In many situations replacing the camera will resolve the issue.

Camera Lens Replacement

The lens over the camera can be easily damaged. Replace the lens to avoid further damage to your device. Occasionally the camera itself was also damaged when the lens cracked. This would require the camera to be replaced.

Back Glass Replacement

Is your back glass damaged or cracked? Back glass can be replaced on most devices.

Data Recovery

If your device can be repaired, we can fix it so you can transfer data yourself. In some cases we can fix your device enough to transfer data to a new device for a lesser charge than repair. If the device is non-repairable there is an option for offsite data recovery. Please contact us for details so we can determine the best option for you!

Data Transfer

Need your data transferred from your cell phone or computer to another device? We offer services for data transfer assuming your device either works or is repairable. Price varies, depending on if your device needs to be repaired first. We offer discounted transfer of data fees when you purchase a cell phone.

Virus Removal

For a service fee we can remove viruses from cell phones, tablets and computers depending on the situation.  Please contact us for details so we can discuss options.


We stand behind the quality of our repairs and offer a limited lifetime warranty on services. If you encounter any issues related to the repairs we’ve performed, simply reach out to us, and we’ll resolve the problem promptly, ensuring your complete satisfaction. Learn more about our warranties.

Device Consultation

Devices can be confusing! We can help! We pride ourselves on our friendly problem-solving skills and extensive product knowledge. Learn more about device consultation.

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